Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Unproductive Few Days

Last Friday morning we left the comfort of our condo with a utility trailer load of tools and materials bound for Pratt's Paradise at Gold Bar.  There are many projects around the lot that need to get done and I was hoping for some solid good weather to begin checking off the list.  Save Saturday it has rained every day we have been here.  It seems that I must have done something in my past that has pissed off the weather gods.  Lately every time we come to Gold Bar with a list of things to do, it rains.  So outside projects are waiting for better weather.
Yesterday I tried to go out and work on the fire pit whenever the rains stopped.  As you can see in the pictures below, it didn't stop long.

So I spent the majority of the last couple of days back in school.  Yep, listening and watching lectures by University of Vermont Professor Mark A Stoler.  "A Skeptics Guide to American History" is a twenty-four part lecture CD that we purchased from Great Courses.  Professor Stoler dents many misconceptions about the history of the country and makes very good arguments about events that occurred throughout the making of America.  He even admits that others, in the future, may very well find arguments that will prove his arguments to be wrong.  It is perhaps one of the most compelling lectures I have ever attended and I didn't have to leave my living room.  My next series is on Abe Lincoln.

I am going to meet an old friend and ex-employee for coffee and catch up this morning.  He lives not two miles from our camping club and this is the first time we have gotten together.  Why do so many unimportant things always seem to get in the way?

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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