Sunday, May 1, 2016

Projects And Remembering The Past

It is May 1, the seventh anniversary of my dad's passing.  I miss him a bunch and wish that I had listened closer, not only to him but my other elders as well.  I tried to question him about family in his last months but his mind wasn't what it used to be and he couldn't give any real promising recollections of the family history.  He and mom where appear very young in this picture but they were in their thirties when I, the first of two, arrived.
Yesterday was a busy day around Pratt's Paradise.  The sun came out and it was partly cloudy most of the day so I was able to spend time outside working on projects.  Mia brought a bag of white marble rocks back with her so I put them around the base of the new fire pit and we lite it for the first time.  We actually had two fires yesterday.  One at lunch time and one after dinner.  Both times called for smores and good times with our granddaughter.

I went to work on the cover for the front of the trailer.  I managed to finish it even with all the breaks that I took during the day.  I think it looks much better than that ugly trailer tongue hanging out the front.

When we are out at the fire we put Honey on our porch that has a railing all around it.  She looks out and sometimes tries to squeeze between the stiles on the railing.  At last nights fire, I took pity on her and let her come out and join us on leash.  She was very happy.

There have been some improvements in the park.  The Board spent some money on a new play area for the kids.  The chose of color could have been better but I think it will bring enjoyment to those who use the family center.

Got a few things to do around the trailer this morning and after lunch I will take or grand daughter home.  I plan to spend the night at the condo and then head back up to Gold Bar Monday morning.  It appears that we will be going home on Thursday.  I am hoping that we have enough good weather and time to complete some more projects.

One final thing.  I have a data plan for my phone that allowed me to have a hot spot for internet access when we were traveling.  It is 12GB plan and has worked really well for our needs over the past couple of years.  The only problem we seem to have is the amount to data we use when we are at the campsite.  We have an old computer and wireless printer at the trailer and when weather is uncooperative we spend time on line.  Data goes away extremely fast when you stream a couple of videos.  Wish the park would invest in a decent wifi connection.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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