Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Anxiety of Getting Service

Having worked in automotive dealerships for the majority of my adult life I have had the opportunity to see all of the good, the bad and the ugly.  I have worked for all of the above over the years ending my career with one of the really good guys at Chaplin's Automotive Group (Subaru, VW and Chevrolet) in Bellevue, Washington.  Since I retired I continued to visit their Chevrolet store for my service work.  As we left on our cross-country trip there was some anxiety with having to visit other dealers.

Thus far I have experienced nothing but good.  Today I went to Jim Price Chevrolet in Charlottesville for the service appointment I had made when we arrived in town on Monday.  Sandy Dyer had taken my appointment on Monday and was there bright and early to meet me at 7:15 am.  She wrote me up and showed me to the customer lounge.  Forty-five minutes later the tires were rotated, the oil changed and the inspection done.  I was pleasantly surprised to fine that no additional work was done and after wishing me safe travels I was sent on my way in under an hour.  She handled the entire transaction, there is no service cashier.  It is a great relief for someone traveling to have the excellent customer service experiences that I have had in my dealings with dealerships that I have literally picked off the Internet and Jim Price is certainly doing things right.

You can add Virginia to the list of states with everyone with a Virginia State license plate believing they are the exception to the rules when it comes to speeding, no matter where they are.  Just like Kentucky and Tennessee it would appear that revenuers are chasing them across the state.

Spending the rest of the afternoon getting the trailer ready to travel the easy 129 miles to College Park, Maryland for four fun filled days.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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