Thursday, June 4, 2015

Virginia Beach And The Atlantic

We got up early this morning and headed down Highway 64 to Virginia Beach to see the Atlantic Ocean.  As long as we are here and this close why not see the difference between the two oceans.

There was too much fog to see much but we did see different sand.  More packed and a different color from our Pacific coast.  Most likely because of the awful storms we have been having the sand appeared moist and well packed.  Much easier to walk on and we actually thought Honey enjoyed walking here more than at the Pacific.

The water is a lighter coloration from the appearance but it is hard to tell with all the fog.  We could see much further than a hundred yards out.  The weather has been extremely uncooperative today on the way to and from the beach.  Luckily it stopped raining long enough for us to enjoy a short walk along a pathway that runs the length of hotel row.  During the trip down and back on the highways we experienced moments of not being able to see past the car in front of us and most of these folks don't slow down for incremental weather like I do.  Seventy miles an hour in rain like what fell this morning is ridiculous as the high number of accidents on our route would indicate.  There were several long backups created by accidents.  Water on the roadway causing people to hydroplane or being unable to see just a few feet when changing lanes.  It has continued to come down hard even after we got back to the trailer.  I posted a video of the rain outside the trailer on Facebook.

I am hoping to get up early enough to get to Yorktown tomorrow morning to see the Hermione arrive but if the weather is as it is right now, pictures may be a problem.  You can see looking at the picture of the ocean above, how hard it would be to see a ship sailing by.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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