Monday, June 29, 2015


It has come to my attention that some in my circle of friends and family think we were to quick to return home from our trip, that we should have taken more time to enjoy it.

We enjoyed the trip immensely even though we chose to shorten it by a couple of months.  We squeezed a lot into a short period of time and were surprised at just how many places we visited and things we saw over the course of the 109 days that we were gone.
Cousin Vi's Birthday

In Arizona we decided to make a whirlwind trip up to Watertown, South Dakota to attend my cousins 93rd birthday.  We are so happy that we stayed there for a couple of weeks and had a good time with our relatives.  Because we went there in such a hurry we missed a portion of the trip that we had planned so we parked our trailer and went and enjoyed some of the sites, spending time in a motel for our base camp.

National Quilt Museum

When we left South Dakota the plan was to visit more mid-western states and Mia was especially interested in going to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky.  While we were there we visited several other locales and certainly enjoyed ourselves.  During this time, weather conditions became very bad in Texas and Oklahoma.  Monitoring weather conditions became a daily chore as we began to experience some activity in our area as well.
Major Rainfall In Indiana

We left Kentucky and headed further east to Virginia and Maryland.  Weather conditions continued to get worse in the mid-west but we experience very little in the way of bad weather, it was just terribly hot and muggy every day.  Again, we monitored the weather conditions carefully knowing that being in a trailer isn't the best place when storms decide to hit.
Weather Turned In Yorktown

Conditions were getting worse as we were about to leave Maryland and head up towards Maine and the eastern seaboard and we made the decision to return home.  Once that decision was made it and the truck was pointed in a western direction, we started to drive and didn't stop until we made it home seven days later.  Weather conditions on the east coast became violent after our return home.  Our son, who was in Mt. Vernon, Virginia for another week after we left ended up having flight delays on his return trip home as weather systems moved through the area and up the seaboard.  Washington D.C. and Portland, Maine were hit hard with major storms causing lots of damage.

Are we sorry we left the east coast so soon?  Absolutely not.  While traveling you need to be aware of what the weather is doing and make certain you are not in the areas where storms can do major damage.  We did that and make no excuses for doing so.  It was our trip and we mutually made the decision to return home and spend the rest of our summer in Gold Bar.

We will take some small trips around the state and perhaps up to Canada.  We will see what the summer brings.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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