Friday, June 5, 2015

History Is Alive

Each time we go to Williamsburg we step back into time with living history.  Today our intent was to visit the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg home of folk art, china and pottery, silver work, woodworking, home building, instrument building, blacksmithing and the list goes on and on.  While we spent much of the time in the museum enjoying all of the above and more, we had the pleasure of attended another of the many nation builders speak of the times and the character.   Today we had the distinct opportunity of listening to one of the relative unknown founders who was very well known in the Williamsburg, Virginia area and was mentor to Thomas Jefferson, George Wythe.
These folks research their character and literally learn to live the part.  Listening to the comments made during this interaction with the current generation would lead one to believe that the nation may  well be heading down a road of imminent destruction.  Pretty scary stuff to think about especially coming from a character who literally help form the foundation that our country is built on.  He firmly believed in the power of the people and those who serve the people should be first, listening to their constituents, then their fellow public servants and finally, themselves.  No society  that has allowed partisanship to run rampant has survived.  He apparently didn't believe in political parties.

Some of the artifacts in the museum include the following.
Beautiful furniture

Every little girl dream

It looks real but...

Its part of a doll house

Burned on my birthday in 1854

Mental ill in Colonial days

Inlay done by hand

More beautiful inlay

That was our day.  Tomorrow I am going to try to return to Yorktown for some photos.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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