Sunday, June 21, 2015

Home At Last, Well Almost

Arriving home just after noon today, we brought to an end a trip that took us 17,859.8 miles and 109 days to travel around the countryside towing our 26’ foot Nash travel trailer with our 2010 Silverado Crew Cab Pickup.  We averaged 14.478 miles per gallon overall for the entire trip.  Only two incidents of a consequence included one flat tire on the truck in Arizona and that loss of our main house breaker in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Both were promptly repaired and we were able to survive some pretty difficult circumstances after discovering that we were have issues using the air conditioning early in the trip.  That issue was resolved with the replacement house breaker and we have experienced no further difficulties.

We both enjoyed the trip and feel a little strange being home after almost four months out enjoying the countryside.  While the driving was tedious at times the end result was usually worth the effort.  Many times over the course of the trip I thought to myself, “what are you doing.”?  After many miles of travel I can honestly say I enjoyed it and would consider another road trip in the future.

We have learned a bunch about the history of the nation in every state that we stopped in.  Everything from those who lived here before the original immigrants arrived to the founding fathers and the struggles they faced in forming a new nation.  Each signer of the Declaration of Independence committed treason in the belief that there was a better way.  On to the many decisions that moved the original Americans from the ancestral homes to places unfamiliar to them.  To our internal strive over slavery and the war that nearly tore the country apart.  An we have brought home with us more reading material.

Over the course of the trip we discovered how hard it was for the folks in the early years to travel, communicate and just plain carry on the business of the new country.  Some of the struggles they faced are the same ones we still face today.  It seems that history just continues to repeat itself.  But one thing stuck out that I don’t recall ever hearing in my school years.  The founding fathers seem to agree that this nation was to be a nation “of the people.”  What we see not certainly can’t be considered and nation “of the people.”  Billionaires will elect the next President.  It has been said that 5 billion dollars will be spent to elect the next President.  Doesn’t sound like the people have too much say about anything any more.

We are both glad to be home, well close to home.  We will be staying in Gold Bar for most of the summer because we weren’t sure when we would be back and we promised out grandson the use of our condo through September and besides it is nice staying in the woods during the summer time where we have a pool, hiking and all kinds of activities.  We both have appointments so we will go home for a couple of days to get them taken care of.  The truck and trailer are a mess and both need to be cleaned inside and out and the lot at Gold Bar has kind of grown over and is in need of some loving care as well.  So we have lots to keep us busy for the foreseeable future.

I want to thank those of you who followed our trip on the blog.  I suspect many of you came from the post’s I placed on Facebook but it doesn’t really matter.  The blog will probably slow down now.  Likely I won’t post too many times because, frankly, once the trip is done, who wants to hear about what we are doing daily.  I don’t!

I hope all is well and thanks again for dropping by.

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