Sunday, June 7, 2015

Off We Go

Tomorrow morning we will pull up stakes and leave the Historical Triangle and Anvil Campground to head northwest to Charlottesville KOA putting us closer to our next history lesson, Monticello.

This is a nice little family run operation with 77 sites, some configured a little weird.  It has been quiet except for the pretty active rail that runs from somewhere in the Appalachians to the waterfront in Virginia Beach where coal is piled high awaiting export.  The trains run several times a day and at least twice during the night and it is close enough that the south bound full train can get  you rocking and rolling.  I don't mind the trains but some do.  We have been here just over a week and everyone has been great.  The restrooms are clean and stock but for the number of sites a couple of more showers and stalls might be a good idea.  I would definitely come back here again.

The stay here has been very enlightening.  Trips to Yorktown, Williamsburg, Jamestowne, and Virginia Beach have left me with some answers to lifelong questions.  Imagine spending five months traveling to the new world to find thickly wooded land and very little else.  Having brought very few supplies work must begin immediately to provide food and shelter for survival.  These hearty individuals tried to carve out a life in the new land.  The troubles were many and riches were immense for those survived the first few years.  Far from the minds of these individuals was revolution against the very country that sent them on a commercial enterprise.

Years pass and things change.  The new colony continues to grow and prosper under overseers from a distant land until it becomes apparent that they being used by the very people who sent them.  The next few decades decide the fate of America with several individuals facing charges of treason as they sign the Declaration of Independence and start the American Revolution.  Untrained civilian militias fight trained British soldiers who are assisted by the Indians and Germans.  War comes between Britain and France and suddenly America gets a boost with the addition of French troops to help them in their cause.  Britain finds the war in America too costly considering the issues they are having with other colonies across the world and decides with the loss of Yorktown in 1781 to sign a peace treaty with the newly founded United States of America.

The struggles, pain, greed, hate, love, and everything else they dealt with is here in living history.  If you ever have the opportunity to come here and learn, do yourself a favor and spend time here.  In a week we have see much, but there is much more to see and understand.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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