Saturday, June 13, 2015

Old Town Annapolis and The Academy

Today we went to old town Annapolis to see the sites.  Maryland's capitol city was founded by Puritans in 1650 seeking religious freedom.  Originally along the western shore of Chesapeake Bay they soon spread across the Severn River to create the land that the capitol city occupies.  Originally named after Lord Baltimore's wife in 1694 it was known as Anne Arundell until it was renamed Annapolis to honor Princess Anne who became Queen of England in 1702.  There is much history here and it all starts with a visit to one of the most beautiful churches I have had the opportunity to see.  The city is built around two circles the largest for the capitol building and the second largest for the Anglican church.  St. Anne's Church has been destroyed twice and the third representation stands today.  We spent time on the restaurant and shop laden streets that stretch out towards the bay from these two circles.

Moving down the streets towards the docks.  We stopped at O'Brien's Steak House for lunch and met a very nice young lady who was our waitress.  Not surprising, her father is a retired Naval officer and she moved down here from the Bremerton area.  I just knew she wasn't from around here....she was too nice.

We get to the docks and there is a Corvette show.

A few hundred feet away is the Commodore John Barry monument and entrance to the U.S. Naval Academy.  Picture I.D. is required and just like the airport everything goes through a scanner to ensure no weapons of any kind are going on the base.  They have a maritime museum and you can self tour or take a guided tour.  Mia and I opted to do a self tour.  The place is amazing and very beautiful.  The grounds are amazing and the quarters for the officers and the superintendent
are amazing.

We had an absolutely wonderful time returning to the nice cool trailer after Mia went to a Quilt Guild show at a local High School.  I went down to the pool for a dip after taking Honey for a nice long stroll since we left her home today. 

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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