Monday, June 15, 2015

First Leg Home

Today we got up early and hit the road.  Driving out of the Washington D C area at six-thirty in the morning we were really happy that we weren’t in the ten mile back up heading south into the city as we ran north into Pennsylvania.  We crossed the Appalachian Mountains (hills) again as we drove into Ohio.  On the turnpike in Ohio we encountered many miles of I 80 being replaced and a couple of really nasty down falls of rain.  Covering 460 miles as we traveled the first leg of our journey home.

So hard to drive when it’s like someone has a fire hose and they are dousing your windshield.  You can’t see five hundred feet in front of you and the folks here don’t slow down for the bad conditions.  No wonder there is so many multiple car accidents here in the east.

The turnpike is a toll road with service plaza located along the way somewhat like a rest stop but with more services.  This allows those driving through the state to stay on the toll road and pay one big hefty fee when they leave the state.  Each service plaza has restrooms, cold drinks, snacks, gas, a Starbucks and some fast food restaurants.   There are four plaza locations that have parking for RV’s.  If you hook up to power it costs $20.00 for the night or it is free if you don’t hook up.  Since the air is muggy here just like the rest of the east cost we hooked up.  Currently we are waiting for the downpour outside to stop so we can walk a couple of hundred feet to the service plaza for dinner.

This is not the first time we have seen the service plaza along the toll roads but these are the first that we have seen with RV parking with electrical hookups.  It is thoughtful of Ohio to think of those of use who don’t carry a big generator.  One other RV’er has joined us so far but he has an onboard generator and it looks like he is waiting for the rain to stop as well.

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