Sunday, February 7, 2016

Trip With No RV

We left home Wednesday morning and headed down Interstate 5 to Olympia and then west on Highway 12 to Aberdeen.  Our destination was a vacation home community call Seabrook just a few miles up Highway 109 near the Quinault Indian Reservation.  Folks who own homes in this community often rent them when they are not in the area.  It is not much different from spending time in a motel room with the exception that you get a fully equipped home with utensils and linens allowing you the opportunity to prepare meals.

We had visited this area once before with our family.  Actually we had our entire local family join us for the weekend.  We rented one of the larger units in the community.  Each family was responsible for one meal.  We walked the beaches and the community and spread my mother in-laws ashes on a small steam of water headed to the ocean.  This visit was for my 69th birthday and some quiet time for Mia, Honey and I.

We had a very nice time with heavy winds and rain at times during our stay.  What would the ocean be without a storm.  Dinners were at the local pub 109 Mill and the Quinault Resort and Casino.  Both dinners were excellent.  After dinner at the Quinault Resort we went into the Casino.  They gave us $5.00 towards free play on the slot machines which we both quickly lost.  While Mia visited their gift shop, I went to a $1.00 machine, inserted a $20.00 bill and promptly won a $100.00.  I sat looking at the machine wondering if I should continue to play.  I cashed out and left the building.

On the way home we found a family owned restaurant in Elma for a late breakfast.  Chickens in pens on the wall above our seat were of some concern.

We got home in time for me to watch another GOP debate that didn't do anymore to help make a choice.  I cannot bring myself to like any of the front-runners on either side of the aisle.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and I have made pico-de-gio and teriyaki wings for our snacks.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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