Sunday, February 7, 2016

First Trip For The Forester

On the return trip from the ocean our new Subaru Forester rolled over it's first 1,000 miles.  With the electronic display, it wasn't as much fun as watching the numbers roll over on the old conventional odometer.  I was pretty happy with the mileage we got on our first trip out.  We averaged 31.28 miles to the gallon and enjoyed the whole trip on three quarters of a tank of gas.  When we returned, gas was $189.9 so it continues to cost under $25.00 ($21.44) to fill it up.

My only problem with the car so far is the optional three months of Siriusxm radio service.  Who pays extra for this supposedly commercial free radio that doesn't work much better than direct TV.  If you don't have a direct line to the signal or it is overcast the radio disappears.  It is very upsetting when you are listening to an old radio program.

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