Saturday, January 30, 2016

Nasty Smell

We arrived at our new digs in Gold Bar hoping to find out furnace fixed and it was however when we open the door the whole inside had the smell of propane.  Thinking the repair guy might be the cause I promptly called him.  He asked several questions and one pertained to our gas range.  A quick look told me he did nothing wrong.  It was one of us who didn't completely turn off one of the upper burners.  We aired out the trailer as best we could and today it seems much better.  And the furnace now works with very little noise.

We went down to breakfast this morning and caught up with several folks we haven't seen for awhile.  I spent some time cleaning and raking the lot.  It wasn't raining when I went out but that certainly changed very quickly.  I got soaked as the rains poured down from skies the were full if sunshine.  It all filtered thru the tall trees that surround our lot.

It is peaceful and quiet here when very few people are afoot.  Just those few who choose to live here.  Some of them appear to be close to homeless but the manage to keep their heads just above water.  Others are retired with little income and have found the cheapest way to live short of parking their RV in downtown Seattle.  There are so many that are already doing that, Seattle Mayor has sworn to do something about the RV population as well as the homeless.  Homeless in Seattle has risen 19% over last year.  I suspect most are veteran's or older folks with no skills or the ability to get a job.  Surely there are those who have no desire to get work.  Sadly no matter how much money and time we invest in the homeless issue there will still be those who choose to live apart from the mainstream.

Hope all is well....

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