Friday, February 19, 2016

That Moment When You Realize Your Doctor Appointment is Here

I was up early yesterday for an appointment with my doctor.  I have had a couple of issues recently, one that is a little too personal for the blog.  I haven't seen my doctor since she advised me about my knee back in August of 2015.  One of the issues that I can talk about involves pain in my big toes, both of them.  For some time now I have had severe pain at the end of the day when pressure is applied to the toenails.  For several years before I retired I had the fungus condition that a lot of Americans experience and had tried several different forms of medication, liquids, etc to try and alleviate the condition.  The only thing that actually seemed to work was an oral medication but it was pretty strong stuff and it made me feel very weird so I stopped taking it after a couple of weeks.  The condition did clear up for a period of time but it has since come raging back.  I thought perhaps the nails were ingrown but it turns out there is another answer to the mystery.

Onycholysis is what she calls it.  Apparently it is a condition that refers to the detachment of the nail (finger or toe) from the nail bed.  Who knew?   I had always thought that the nails were loose on your toes but apparently not.  Since I have a skin condition, psoriasis, I am apparently more likely to have this condition.  Since my doctor doesn't feel comfortable with prescribing treatment, she has referred be to a specialist in Podiatry.  I don't have an appointment yet but I suspect I will be getting a call or a letter very soon to set up and appointment.  After reading about this condition online, I am not so sure I really want to proceed but then there is that awful pain at the end of the day and sometimes when I am walking.  I guess it certainly could be worse.

The other condition I won't speak of is treatable and we hope that condition will be gone or at least relieved by the end of three weeks when I have to go back for what my doctor calls my wellness check up.  She enjoys that one....

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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