Saturday, February 20, 2016

Final Comment On The Political Landscape

Being retired I have had a greater opportunity than ever before to read, watch and listen to those much better educated than me concerning the coming election.  Unfortunately it doesn't appear that having more time to do diligence is going to make Ken anymore informed than he was when he was working twelve hours a day.  If you have been reading my posts here and over on Facebook, you realize that I have spent considerable time analyzing and studying the candidates, their character and positions.  My choice has no chance, so I am left with a dilemma.

After today the GOP committee is going to try to get those candidates who come in below third place to opt out of continuing to campaign.  I can see their point as the base is spread over too many candidates as is the contributions.  Narrowing the field would bring additional voters to the top three candidates as well as additional funding.  And funding is another issue altogether.  I am in shock and awe at the amount of monies in the candidates war chests and the amount spent so far during the primaries.  Think of the wonderful things that could be done with all the money that is being spent by lobbyist, special interest and contributors.  But that is another subject that I will not be commenting on.

I think character is important as well as their positions on different issues.  Most of the remaining five candidates follow their party line when it comes to the issues facing us in the near future.  So you can pretty much say that a vote for a Republican is a vote to the right and a vote for a Democrat leads you to a liberal interpretation.  All of the remaining five have character issues, some more than others.  Here is were the dilemma comes in for me.  I can't knowingly vote for any of the remaining five.

So here is my solution.  Take my absentee ballot and pin it to a dart board.  Close my eyes and toss a dart and where ever the dart lands, that is my candidate.  How's that for feeling great about yourself.

This is my last comment on the subject here or anywhere else.

Hope all is well and thanks for visiting.

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