Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day and Cold Rain

Mia and I had made plans to visit our little vacation home in the woods for a few days.  Little did we realize that the weather Gods would release steady, cold rain about the area.  I love being at the trailer in the spring, summer and fall but in the dead of winter during the rainy seasons I absolutely hate it.  You can do nothing outside without being drowned.  We have a couple of televisions but don't have access to any programming because I am too cheap to spend money on a satellite connection.  I do have a wireless hot spot and I can watch Netflix but the data gets chewed up pretty quickly so I try not to use it much.

Everything seems to be working really well.  The heat is on and boy was it cold when we first got here.  I love my heat.  Upon arrival I wasn't even given the opportunity to turn on the water to the trailer.  Honey wanted to go for a walk in the cold, wet and muddy weather.  So I took her around a park block and came back nearly frozen.  She was happy as a clam.

I am hoping for an early, non rainy spring so I can spend some time here getting things cleaned up and redone.  We have a hole in the ground where our fire pit was and it needs to be filled along with many other tasks that will take time and acts of fun high up on ladders.  I probably shouldn't be on the tall ladders that will be required but I am too cheap to pay anyone to do it.

Yes, I did watch the GOP debate last night.  I have suggested that the WWE divide the candidates into tag teams and hold a event that would eliminate four of them.  Unfortunately, I think it would eliminate the person I would like to see get the nomination.

Hope all is well.

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