Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl 50

I, like millions of other folks worldwide, spent yesterday afternoon drinking (root beer), eating junk food (wings, nachos) while watching the annual Super Bowl.  And  I have a couple of thoughts.

First of all, just about every commercial but three or four sucked.  Not only where they bad productions but they take away from the flow of the game with their awfulness.  There was just too many of them.  I cannot believe that ad managers for successful companies would approve paying the exorbitant fees to produce and show us this junk.  Five million dollars for a 30 second commercial and that doesn't include the production costs.

Before the game on Saturday evening the National Football League (NFL) announced the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the year, Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers, who was a participant in Sunday's Super Bowl.  Initially I had no issues with the choice of Mr. Newton as the MVP because his record for the year was exemplary.  Sure, he had his detractors, critics who felt his brash attitude was kind of cocky.  Secretly, I must admit to being one of them.  His cockiness was present in every one Carolina's 17.  It is not an easy feat to win that many games and he did it with an under-rated supporting cast.  So I wasn't surprised when he was the MVP of the year.

Fast forward to the game on Sunday.  Trying to pass in the fourth quarter, Mr. Newton fumbled the ball and it fell to the ground to be recovered by Denver, setting up their "nail in the coffin" touchdown.  Instead of jumping into the pile trying to retrieve his fumble (it seems he may have been able to get to it) he instead chose to dodge to his left and finally just walk away.  There was no MVP effort made by the MVP.  The ball was retrieved by Denver and the rest is history.

After the game, Mr Newton attended the press conference staring off into the distance like he was in a hypnotic state.  After a couple of minutes, during which time he said very little, Mr. Newton got up and became the only player (so I read) to walk out of the Super Bowl press conference.  I have to ask.  Where is the NFL MVP in that?  

On the other hand, Payton Manning was very composed and pleasant to watch both after the game and on the morning talk show circuit.  Granted he won the game but I suspect had he found himself on the loosing side he would have been just as forthcoming and available.  He is your NFL MVP. 

And in case you are wondering, I thought the half time show was amazing. 

So I got all that off my chest.  I am sure there are those who agree and many who don't.  It is just one old man's opinion.

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