Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It Just Poured

We continued to get heavy rains all day yesterday with accumulations recorded of 1" to 3" in various parts of the Northwest.  Several rivers around us are under flood watch and there is water over the roadways as well.  It seems that folks cannot get themselves to turn around when they see water over the road and they continue to try and cross only to end up in trouble.  We are still safe at the trailer and won't be heading home before tomorrow morning.

Since there has been very little to do outside we have spent time binge watching episodes of the West Wing.  Unfortunately it uses up data pretty fast.  In fact, we have streamed away six gigabytes of our allotted twelve.  I am not too concerned since we are leaving tomorrow and even if I use another three I don't use very much when I am home.  Later this year when the weather is better it won't matter nearly as much because we will have lots of stuff to occupy us.

Hopefully everything is well.  Thanks for stopping by.

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