Monday, February 15, 2016

More Rain and We Got Away For a Couple of Hours

Last night the Gods unleashed a torrent of rain down upon our little slice of heaven.  Sometime early this morning the rain stopped and the winds picked up.  When I went out with Honey for her morning walk, I fully expected to see massive puddles of water but found very few.  Apparently the strong winds had dried up a lot of the moisture that fell.

Shortly after breakfast it started to pour again.  This time Mia and I loaded Honey into the car and headed east on Highway 2 towards the little town of Skykomish.  It was my hope to find something that resembled the white flaky stuff that falls when the temperature drops and it is raining.  Surprisingly it was very cold in Skykomish so we continued east on the highway up to Stevens Pass.

Those familiar with the route will know that the road crisscrosses and runs alongside a major river.  The river is flowing with a ferocity I have never seen.  Places where I stood to fish last year are now covered in water sometimes many feet up the bank from where I stood.

We finally found snow as we got close to Stevens Pass.  Honey was not amused when we took her into the parking lot at the ski hill.  I didn't get out so she stayed in the car but you could easily tell that she wasn't happy.  She doesn't like the rain but I think she despises the snow more.   Me, I don't care.

I seem to have forgotten my phone so I have no pictures of our experience.

We are home now having enjoyed a fantastic lunch using leftover meatloaf from Mia's Valentine dinner.  With the continuing downpour I suspect we will be staying inside today.

Hope all is well.

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