Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Big Day Is Here

The big day has arrived and except for some electronics and some clothing we are ready to go.  I need to hook up the trailer and put our bikes on the new bike carrier and we can get on the road.  Unfortunately I awoke with a headache.  One of those gems that is sitting right in the lower back part of your head and pulsates with any increase in heart rate.
The New Bike Rack

I went to UHAUL first thing and got a trailer to go get the golf cart.  I picked it up and bought it home and returned the trailer.  Rather than get a trailer I think I'll just rent one as I need it.  It was cheap, easy and I don't have to come up with a place to store it.

I finished the maintenance to the trailer yesterday.  Cleaned out behind the refrigerator, checked and added air to the tires on the trailer and truck; checked the batteries, lights and brakes.  I washed both vehicles and they look good.  We loaded everything but the electronics, camera and some of the clothes that we still need to wash.

I had vehicles everywhere behind the condo yesterday.  It was chilly but a very nice day and I was able to accomplish a bunch.  As I worked outside Mia worked inside to ensure that everything is clean and ready for Zach's arrival.  He came by last night and we went over any final questions he had.

There you have it.  I need to dispose of my headache, finish loading our final items, hitch the truck to the trailer and sayoonara we are gone south just as the birds are heading north.

Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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