Thursday, March 26, 2015

It’s Wednesday and today started out better than yesterday with my doing more laundry.  I had two more loads to do this morning so I went down early to get it done before the heat hit us.  I got the washers loaded and started and went into the TV room and found the morning paper and fresh coffee.  I had some coffee and read all the news as the clothes were being washed.

We stuck close to the trailer all day and I did a couple of small repairs, replacing a broken shade holder and a couple of other things.  We went down to the pool early in the afternoon since we had a reservation for dinner.

This KOA park has a small restaurant attached to it that is run by the folks who own the KOA.  I am told that people come from miles around to enjoy dinner at Frankie’s Chuckwagon.  He is open Tuesday thru Sunday and the small building with outdoor seating looks to seat around forty people.  They are very busy during the four hours they are open.  His specialties are steak and ribs.  While he has ribs during the winter he has stopped doing them for the last month and a half.  The park closes the last day of April so he stops smoking and doing them as his supply runs out.  We were told he is a fantastic steak house and if you go away hungry it is your own fault.  Reservations are suggested so we have a date at five to see if it lived up to the hoopla.

I had a 6 ounce sirloin that at the time it was delivered looked awful small but it came with a dinner salad, cowboy beans, biscuit and a baked potato and by the time I finished eating it didn’t seem so small.  It was very good, cooked on an outdoor barbeque over real wood and seasoned with just the right amount of pepper.  Mia had the same thing and I was afraid she wouldn’t like it because she doesn’t care for peppered items that much but she loved it.  She wasn’t too big on the beans.  They offered chocolate cake or coconut cream pie for dessert and we each took a slice of pie.  We probably gained back some of the five or six pounds we have lost since we hit the road.  A splurge is okay but now it is back to eating to a little less.

I went down the road to a Pecan tree grove as the sun was setting and took pictures.  These trees are planted perfectly straight no matter what angle you look at them.

We spent the evening resting and preparing for my day in Peoria at another Mariners Spring Training Game on Thursday.

Hope all is well and thanks for visiting

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