Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Hot One

We had the first casualty of the trip this morning when my Keurig Single Cup Coffee maker decided it had made enough cups of coffee for me.  Since it was recalled by Keurig it doesn't come as a surprise that it might leave me in favor of coffee maker heaven.  Suffice it to say that I have options.  I brought to coffee presses just in case.

I cleaned the bugs off the trailer and gave the truck a soapless wash this morning.  It looks pretty good for our trip out tomorrow.  Of course here in the desert no matter how many times you try to wipe it dry you don't get everything and the hard waters spots are inevitable.  We have a few.

As I posted in my last blog entry I forgot to bring the Mac Book Pro charger/power cord and I was going to have my grandson ship it to me once we made it to Tucson.  As it happens we found an Apple store in Desert Palms and took a short side trip today to pickup the appropriate item.  I didn't take my laptop with me and when I got to the store I found a wall with three or four different power adapters.  After standing for a couple a minutes a nice young lady came to the old mans rescue.  She asked what kind of laptop I had.  There are more options than I was aware of.  I decided that mine was a 13" Mac Book Pro and she looked up and gave me a 60 watt adapter.  Turns out, like cars, there are different models that use different accessories and if you don't know what you have, well, you can't get it.  Luckily I guessed correctly and we are currently fully charged.

As I said before we went to a place called Pioneertown in the Yucca Valley a few miles from our current location in the Sands RV Resort and on our way home from the Joshua Tree National Park.  I will load my picture of that park and go into further detail at a later date.  As for Pioneertown it was established in 1946 and it began as a live in place for the actors as they filmed their shows and movies around the area.  Serials (remember those) were often filmed here including The Cisco Kid and Judge Roy Bean.  Roy Rogers, Dick Curtis and Russell Hayden, all old time cowboys, were the original investors in the site.  Gene Autry taped his serial show here as well.
You can buy stuff too.

This is one of the sound stages on the property

Jail time for failing

Lets leave it..too small for much money

Downtown Pioneertown

Old Saddles

Looks like the door to Doc's on Gunsmoke.  Wait, it's facing the wrong way

Whoever was in there was there the whole time we visited
Tomorrow we leave this area and head east towards Phoenix.  Looking forward to cooler temperatures and some baseball.  What a difference a laptop makes.

Hope al is well and thanks for visiting.

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