Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day Two And Lots Of Climbing

We awoke this morning in Roseberg to foggy conditions that could have been called pea soup.  It was ugly driving as we searched through the fog for a diner.  You couldn't see the headlights coming at you until they were practically on top of you.  We had breakfast and things cleared up and we headed down the road.

By mid day we had crossed the Oregon-California border and were making good time hoping to reach Redding before dark.  It wasn't that hard although the truck was definitely working on some of the longer steep grades.  I kept my speed at between 55 and 60 and the truck took it well.  The temperature gauge only went up once on the steepest grade up through the Syiskou Mountain Range. Mount Shasta was beautiful as always but there is no snow even at the 4,000 foot level.

We made our way in to Redding and stopped at a TA fuel stop for dinner.  Moving down I-5 to Anderson we checked with the Walmart people to see if we could stay but since the lot was posted we moved on down the road to the next California Rest Stop where we plan to spend this evening.  The rest stops allow you to stay eight hours out of every 24 so I think we'll hit the sack and get up early tomorrow.  I don't think I can make Bakersfield but we will get further down the road.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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