Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Monday Had A Bright Spot

I promised the folks I had been working for this past few months that I would come in at the end of the month and help the new guy gathering the information needed to close out the month.  He is very sharp and it didn't take me long at all.  I was done and gone sooner than I had anticipated.

As I drove home I decided to take a short detour to visit my mom and dad.  It is always a solemn endeavor to go to the cemetery but I felt a need before leaving on our trip.  It was an over cast day and the tree at their site is not in bloom but still it is a nice area.

Mom has been absent for thirty-three years while dad left us six years ago.  I still miss them.

As I was leaving the cemetery the golf cart company called to tell the cart wasn't finished and that I couldn't pick it up today as previously discussed.  I quickly cancelled the trailer rental and came home to work on getting the trailer ready for the trip.  We purchased a new bike rack for the back bumper of the trailer and I assembled and installed it.  I did some minor projects in and out of the trailer while Mia cleaned out a lot of stuff that we really don't need to take.  I got my toolboxes organized and labeled.

I was told, later yesterday afternoon, that the golf cart is ready so I need to go rent a trailer this morning and go down and pick it up.  Then it is back home to load my stuff into the trailer and make sure we have everything with us.  I have one more piece coming UPS from GoalZero that I need to take with me and I'll be all set to hit the road.

The only thing that remains to be found out is how long and how far I will be able to drive.  I get stiff and the hamstring bothers me enough still that I can sit for really long periods of time without breaks.  Rest stops will be my friend.  Our plan is to go south to California and across to the Tucson area.  I suspect it should only take four days but with my conditions it will likely be more.  Until I get to Arizona I really don't have any interest in stopping and site seeing.  Seen most of it several times over the years.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by...

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