Wednesday, March 11, 2015

One The Road Again

We hit the road fairly late for us on Tuesday morning, leaving the Sands RV Park behind us.  I have to say that it is one of the nicest places we have stayed.  They intermingle live in trailers with campers and it works great.  I was all loaded and ready to go but there was no Mia or Honey as they had gone out for a walk.  By the time they got back my side of the truck was a little more that HOT.

The day became very hot and by the time we got to Quartzsite it was steaming hot.  While we thought we could dry camp overnight at a rest stop or truck stop it just didn't make sense to suffer in 90 degree weather so we started to look for a place to stay.   I found Saddle Mountain RV Park in Tonopah and we pulled in for an overnight site.  Since we have Passport it was a half price stop
and we were able to use the air conditioner to cool things down.  We use reflective foil on all the windows and vents during the day to help keep the heat out but in this weather there doesn't appear to be anyway to keep the heat outside.  Air conditioning is only so helpful and unless you have more than one of them it isn't a good idea to keep one running for long periods of time.

While we had a restless night due to leg and back pains we were up early this morning and headed down to a TA truck stop for breakfast.  We were about three hours from our destination of Picacho, Arizona.  We are staying at the KOA for the remainder of our time here in the Phoenix.  I hope to see a coupe of baseball games this coming week and we plan to visit with Mia's boss whose has a place in Tucson.  There are tons of things to do around here so we are looking at brochures and deciding where to go and what to do.  Unfortunately for us Arizona is experiencing unseasonably temperatures which we were not expecting.  Mia does not do well in the heat and there really is not escaping it.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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