Monday, March 16, 2015

Peoria and Chandler

When I researched our trip back in 2014 I thought the weather conditions would be ideal for our visit to the Phoenix area anytime in the month of March.  The average annual temperature would be a high of around 74 degrees and a low of 47 degrees yet we are experiencing temperatures close to the 90 degree mark in the daytime and cooling to around 65 at night.  We have done everything we can to cool the trailer and the snowbirds (those coming from colder climates for the winter) are leaving like rats from a sinking ship.  We have another couple of weeks here between Phoenix and Tucson before leaving for the Flagstaff area where the temperatures are 66 degrees in the daytime cooling to the mid thirties in the evening.  I am hoping it will be slightly warmer when we finally pack up at the end of the month and head up there.

My reason for discussing the weather first has to do with my first trip to Peoria Sunday to watch the Seattle Mariners take on the Los Angeles Giants.  The Mariners lost the game 5 to 2 but I had a good time trying to find the stadium.  I drove from Eloy to Peoria in about 1 1/2 hours and got off the freeway when the signage indicated Peoria Sports Complex.  After that sign there was very little signage telling me anything so I kept driving W Bell Street for quite some distance when I came to the abrupt realization that something was drastically wrong.  I stopped to use a restroom and using my smarter than me phone I typed in my destination and found that I was indeed way east of where I needed to be.  I had left in plenty of time so going back wasn't an issue.

I drove back and found the entrance road to the park but I was in the wrong lane to gain access to the parking lot so I was going to drive around the block and come back when I noticed some discreet parking next to a La Quinta Motel behind a J C Penny Home Store.  I  took advantage of the parking and walked to the park.  It was a warm walk carrying my camera bag and a couple of bottles of sealed water.  I was concerned for no reason about my 35mm Canon Rebel being considered a professional camera.  Security barely looked at my bag and passed me through the gate.  I had been advised to get the $10.00 lawn ticket and sit in the outfield grass.  I must say that if someone half your age advises you to do something, you probably should disregard them.  But I didn't and now I was suffering because all you can have on the lawn is a blanket and perhaps one of those back support chairs that sit on the grass and you sit on them.
I do not own one of these devises so sitting down became very uncomfortable and the constant sun with temperatures in the upper 80's made it even more uncomfortable.  But I smiled and did a selfie announcing my presence to all the world on Facebook and sat in to watch the game.  It got hotter and more unco
mfortable as the game progressed.  Then the inconsiderate slobs showed up, late and unable to find a place to sit on the lawn with friends they resorted to blocking the game view by standing along the fence that specifically says "No Standing Along The Fence".  Ushers would shoo them away but like flies they kept coming back.
It is a beautiful park and I plan to go back.  I'll be seated across the way up high over there where you see the shade.  I got up from my lawn seat and strolled around the stadium and went to the team store to get a spring training tee shirt.
The tee.
This morning, Monday, Mia, Honey and I drove up to Chandler and Mesa, suburbs of Phoenix.  Mia wanted to visit some of the quilt stores and we had five on our list when we left home.  Turns out only three are still in business.  The first stop was this little shop in a strip mall next to an Irish Pub called Murphy's Law

Mia spent some time in this one because Honey and Ken had a nice shaded park to sit in.
Next up was Quilters Ranch.
Either I forgot to take a picture of the next one or it I was wrong and we only visited two quilt shops. At any rate, after finding some of them to be nonexistent we came home to the trailer (very hot trailer) and promptly spent the afternoon floating in the pool and talking to other guests from various parts of the country.

Hope all is well and thanks for visiting.

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