Wednesday, March 4, 2015

First Day On The Road

The morning started with Mr. Murphy failing to sleep in and causing some minor issues with the locking cover on the bed of the Silverado.  More likely it was because I washed the truck yesterday and the water that got into the lock cylinder froze solid.  I was able to apply heat to the key and get the water to melt so I could get in and finish packing things that we needed to take.
Hoping this doesn't cause an issue

It took us a couple of hours to get the remaining stuff packed (I forgot my computer glasses), finish loading the trailer and putting the bikes on the new rack then I hooked up the trailer and we hit the road at roughly 9:12 am.  Starting mileage was 57139.2 and we were off to try and make it to Roseburg, Oregon.  Eight hours later we pulled into Roseburg and we are staying in a small park six and half miles from the freeway, next to a river because neither one of us feels like being cold in freezing weather.  We have full hook ups and plan to dig in for the night.

I have a Goal Zero Sherpa solar power unit for when we travel.  The solar cell sits on the dash and collects sunlight and recharges the Sherpa so I can use it to recharge things like my phone and Kindle.  I was looking at their website last week and noticed that the have a power supply unit that works from a power jack in the truck to supply the Sherpa with power should we fail to find sunlight.  I ordered it second day delivery and it arrived yesterday, except it was the wrong item.  Obviously picked and packed incorrectly it was something completely different from what I had ordered.  I contact them via email fully expecting to get a call tag to send the old one back.  Nope, they told me to keep the thingy they sent and they would priority expedite the correct item to me.  Unfortunately I won’t be home to collect by my grandson will forward it to me as soon as I find a place to stay long enough to get a delivery.  Can’t say enough about Goal Zero.

While Honey has been having some issues with what has been going on lately she seemed to settle in once we hit the road.  
Just another day on the road

It is going to be a quiet night.  Looking forward to bed.  Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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