Friday, March 6, 2015

Lots Of Driving

So today started in the early morning hours (4am) after a very restless night of not sleeping in the rest area.  It was cold even after a nearly 70 degree day but neither of us thought that was the reason behind nearly no sleep.  We can't really put our finger on any one thing.  I had read plugs so doing wasn't an issue unless it was the beating of my temple.  We wrote on the road around 5am after a nice quiet breakfast at a local Denny' s with just our server as a distraction.  We were in the city of Cornall world famous for olives.  We did not know this until we asked.  I thought it was a truck stop on old Highway 99.

We headed south through Sacramento and on to Stockton.  Once you leave Stockton they isn't much but rice paddies, nut trees, olive trees, gas stops, fast food and a lot of boring driving over not so well kept I 5.  There are plenty of rest stops and we visited all but two of them.

We are spend tonight at Lost Hills RV Park around behind another of those many truck towns along the way.  If I didn't need a shower I would have spent the evening at Love's Travel Center.  Might have been cheaper as they only charge $13.00 for a shower instead of the $37.50 we are spend for the park.  But we have city water and we can run the trailer furnace when things could down this evening.  Did I mention the weather?  I see it is 58 degrees with clouds and sun.  Here in Lost Hills we have 72 with very a very bright ball in the sky.  It will cool to the lower forties tonight.  We are planning a quiet night as the sun is setting in the west and I am reading my air conditioning unit to ensure it is ready for Arizona.  If everything goes well we should be in the Indio area to visit the Joshua Tree National Park before making our final leg to the Phoenix area.

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