Monday, January 19, 2015

What A Day

Sunday was a loud day in my neighborhood especially in the last few minutes of the Seahawk Championship Game.  Fireworks went off and there was none stop yelling as the Seahawk's came from behind with a few minutes left to take the lead only to give it up as Green Bay kicked a field goal to tie the game.  The Seahawks took a knee and the game went into overtime where the Seahawks ultimately won the game with a huge touch down pass.  While the Green Bay Packers did play better than the Seahawks they failed to capitalize on opportunities and there was not upset for the odds makers to run from.  Off to the Super Bowl after we find out how badly banged  up we are.

The leg is getting better.  Still having issues with getting up and down stairs but the majority of the pain is gone.  There is an nawing ache like a tooth that tries to drive you crazy when you can't find a position to put the leg in that doesn't hurt.  But compared to Tuesday evening I am doing really good.

Thanks for dropping by, hope everything is well.


  1. Hello Ken,
    I ran into your blog while searching Google for info on our upcoming purchase of a......2011 Nash 25S. Seems to have served your family well. I was hoping you might remember what length ADCO cover you purchased. They list 2 sizes, a 26' 1" - 28' 6" and 24' 1" - 26' . If you get this message I would sure appreciate a response.

  2. I believe I got the 28' one but I can tell you that it is way too long...but that makes it a bunch easier to install and remove. Measure from the front edge of the body of the trailer (without the tongue) to the rear edge of the body in the back. I believe it comes out around 25'. The additional will cover the spare tire but not the battery/propane tanks.