Friday, January 23, 2015

Not Quite Ready For Prime Time

I thought I was doing pretty good after injurying myself last Tuesday.  I did as the doctor told me and iced the heck out of the hamstring the first few days and I had actually gotten to a point of no limping after standing and limping a short distance.  When you sit, like on the bus, and you stand up to move the hamstring tends to yell no way and you are forced to limp until it finally decides to loosen up and let you walk normally.  Everything seemed to be coming along just fine until it began to ache yesterday afternoon.  I was still able to walk fine once the loosening occurred.  Then this morning as I tried to bring myself out of the bathtub, I slipped and fell back into the tub.  Frankly I don't know if it was because the knee couldn't stand up to the pressure of getting out or I just slipped on the bottom of the tub.  Regardless, it happened so fast that I really wasn't sure.  My next atttempt to rise out of the tub went fine and there doesn't seem to be an permenant damage.  There is some aching again this morning and I am able to walk fine.  I'll give it this weekend and then perhaps pay the doctor another visit to make sure I am taking the correct path.

The weekend will be a do nothing weekend.  I won't watch the Pro Bowl because who really cares.  The whole Deflategate thing has me wondering what's next.  It seems there maybe justification for saying the Patriots cheated since earlier this year an intercepted ball was handed to an opposing teams equipment manager who immediately said the ball wasn't inflated enough.  I am fairly certain that both the quarter back and the coach of every single team in the NFL looks at all the tiniest little details that might effect the outcome of the game.  It certainly occurs in other sports.  Based on their past history I have no reason to believe that they didn't do something.  Did it effect the outcome of the game?  Probably not, but it does effect the integrity of the sport.  There are rules and players are fined for breaking them all the time.  Unfortunately no on saw anyone messing with the balls so the chances that anything is going to happen are slim.  The NFL has a lot of bucks riding on the Super Bowl and it is doubtful they will jeapordize any of those funds.

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