Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Super Bowl Hype And Decisions Made

The 2010 Silverado will stay in the family for our 2015 cross country trip and we'll make further decisions regarding it's future down the road.  Alot will depend on what we decide to do once we return from the trip.

So, this morning I purchase a device that I hope will help me with my comfort issues while driving long distance.  A portable lumbar support from Amazon.

And I order a bed lift kit to install on my bed so we can utilize the space under the bed more easily.

Then I made mistake of watching some of the media day at the Super Bowl.  All the players and coaches should pull a Lynch, say nothing turn around and leave the media.  They need to concentrate on the game and bring their best to the field on Sunday.  Hopefully we will have another exciting game.


  1. We regularly use lumbar support pillows at home, in the car, and in the motorhome. They help us!

  2. like the bed supports..where did you purchase them from?