Saturday, January 17, 2015

Our 2015 Trip

So these are tentative plans and depending on weather and other assorted items it may change along the way but we need a starting point.  Things that will not be left out include spring training in Phoenix, visiting cousins in Watertown, SD and Baltimore and anything having to do with history.  There may be some items deleted and others added as we cruise across the country but we will make those choices as we move.  In fact, I have already added one stop though not far from our travel route with a visit to Elkhart, IN home to the RV Museum.  I think this will keep us busy for a couple of months perhaps more considering it is a 10,448 mile trip that will chew up roughly $2,000 dollars in fuel costs along with using up much more than the 162 hours of driving time that is estimated on the map.

I am so ready to hit the road and see what we can find as we travel across the country and back.  I know the weather can disturb trips like these and we will keep a very close eye on the national weather news online while checking locally on the radio and internet.  I will pray for good weather, not too hot or cold and continued low gas prices.  The estimated fuel cost is based on the current national average of $2.14 per gallon with 12 miles to the gallon (we get slightly better than that) for the entire trip.

Our sleep number bed arrived however we cannot go to the trailer this weekend.  Mia has a memorial for a friend of hers today and tomorrow is the big game in Seattle for the NFC Championship with Green Bay playing the Seahawks.  The team the makes the least amount of mistakes (and both are known for making them) will win the game unless it turns out like the Oregon/Ohio game where the team than had the most fumbles won.  It could be an upset but the folks here in Seattle (7 1/2 point favorites) certainly don't think so.
I will be making some shredded pork nachos for the big game tomorrow.  I might show you a picture before I eat them....or not.

Hope everyone is having a great time.  Perhaps we will cross paths as we travel across the country.
Be safe and thanks for stopping by.

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