Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Soggy and Wet

Monday started out soggy and wet here in the Pacific Northwest with some areas experiencing massive flooding.  In the Aberdeen, Hoquiam area, hillsides slide and mud took seveal homes off their foundations.  On top of  the hill are several hundred homes that are now stranded because the road that led to their property is gone with the slide.  Sadly the water rose and created all kinds of havoc in the region as  rivers flooded.

Luckily this morning is different.  While it appears to have rained last night this morning is slightly overcast with no rain.  Hopefully this will help those with flooding.  As I walked out this morning to catch the bus, the full moon was shining through the hazy sky and it was warmer with not rain. 
I am so looking forward to the future day when we head off into the sunset so to speak.  I just have to figure out which route to take from Federal Way to Phoenix.  I Google mapped it but I am not sure of the route they are sending me on.  1426 miles and 21 hours and 25 minutes without a trailer.  Thinking it may take a week to get there if I don't stop in Las Vegas.

Hope everyone it well and safe.

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