Friday, January 9, 2015


As we prepare to leave on our cross country trip in mid March there are some things that needed attention.  The primary one being bedding.  As we all know the weak, cheap mattress that comes with our RV's is about as worthless as a night of sleep on the gravel next to the trailer.  We have put up with it for the last couple of years because we weren't spending every night in the trailer and we put a mattress topper on it that kind of helped but now it has so many divets that it has to go.

At home we have slept on a king size deluxe Sleep Number bed for the past 17 years.  Both Mia and I have enjoyed the bed and with the exception of a bladder leak we have had very good service out of the mattress.  So last Saturday we decided to visit the local Sleep Number store and see what it would cost us to replace the flimsy short queen mattress with a deluxe Sleep Number bed.  Since is was less that we originally thought it might be, we placed an order and are now patiently waiting for our new mattress to arrive.  Of course, upon arrival we will have to take a weekend trip to Gold Bar to install and spend a night adjusting, sleeping, adjusting and sleeping some more to make sure we are ready for the big trip in March.

We are so looking forward to leaving.  Hope everyone is well.


  1. Well done on the mattress order. I wish you many good nights of sleep in your trailer!

  2. we got a new mattress last summer for our trailer rid of the crappy one that most rv's come with! best money we ever spent!