Saturday, January 3, 2015

Flu Season

Well it might not be an epidemic here in Washington but Mia and I can tell you it isn't a fun flu to catch.  We did everything just the way you're supposed to.  Went in and got our free flu shot in October, washed our hands as we sang happy birthday to ourselves, and tried to stay healthy but the bug caught us the week before Christmas and we are still suffering some of the side effects.  Whatever strain this is, it is not something to be messed with at our age.  I spent the weekend before Christmas in bed completely wasted with no energy to even move.  Mia had to help me stand up whenever I got up.  At one point I told myself to move and nothing happened.  My muscles were jelly that refused to respond.  Our energy levels are slowly coming back but we still have some sinus issues.  If you catch it don't allow yourself to become dehydrated.  Drink lots of liquids and call your doctor at the onset of any symptoms.  If you wait two days it is too late for them to help you.
After being locked up in the house for a week and half, I decided that we needed to get out on New Years Day and what better road trip than to go up to Gold Bar and see how the lot and trailer are doing this winter.  It was twenty one degrees out when we arrived and needless to say we didn't stick around very long.  It was an exhausting trip and we didn't do much other than watch Bowl games when we got back.  I went back to work this past week though I am not sure why.  I should have stayed out a few more days.  I was so tired when I got home last night that I couldn't stay up to watch my Huskies lose their Bowl Game.
Going to continue to take it easy this weekend.  We have a couple of shopping trips but nothing more.  
Hope everyone is well and please take care of yourselves.

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  1. hope you feel better is a nasty flu bug!