Thursday, January 22, 2015

Buses, Buses

As I have reported before I have been commuting the 38 miles back and forth to work and home via public transportation, specifically King County Metro Transit.  It is an exceptionally interesting way to commute.  You don't have any of the stress that goes with sitting in traffic for hours trying to wind your way home or to work in rush hour traffic.  The bus driver gets that pleasure and the only thing working in their favor is the fact that they are bigger than just about everyone else on the road and they can use the HOV lanes when on the Interstate system.
The reason for my comments today has to do with drivers.  I have met several drivers during my trips over the past four months and none have impressed me except the one lady that picks me up first thing in the morning.  Always smiling, friendly and welcoming everyone aboard her bus for the trip to Downtown Seattle.  Everyone on the bus seems to be in a better mood having gotten on with her.  She thanks everyone as they get off the bus and seems to genuinely like the people who ride with her, showing concern for any issues she may learn of during the course of our standing room only rides.
Other drivers don't seem to care as much.  Maybe it is the class of individual rider that is getting on the bus.  Many appear to be mentally ill, drunk, drugged or just plane weird.  Most drivers try to ignore the passengers and what they are doing.  Fare enforcement will occasionally remove and individual from the bus for drunkeness or not paying their fare.  Passengers often get beligerent with the fare enforement people causing them to call the Transit Police.  Then there are the folks who think it is a good idea to race the bus to the next intersection and pull right in front of them to make a right hand turn with no regard to the distance between themselves and this big bus, leaving the driver to take evasive action, often dangerous for the passengers.  Or the people who plainly see the bus coming and decide to pull out of a driveway, again, causing the driver to take evasive action.
Even though the other drivers don't impress me with their demeanor I have decided to cut them some slack considering what they have to deal with daily.  I think it would be less stressful for them if they were just driving their car in rush hour traffic.
Hope everyone is well.  Thanks for stopping by.

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