Monday, April 30, 2012

More On Gazebo, Shoulder and RV Show

As I said yesterday, Mia and I spent a lot of time walking around our 240 acre camping complex this past weekend.  As we walked, we talked and admired some of the great Gazebo's that our neighbors had built and of course we took picture with my new smart phone.  So nice to not lug around my Rebel SLR.
Looks like a bar
I suspect there must be a bartender involved with this one or perhaps it is a roadside hamburger place.

 The one above isn't quite up to the standard of half wall solid, half glass or screen.
 This one doesn't meet the standard either and it is very small.
 This one is huge with what looks like a loft area.  It is closer to the standard but still lacks removable panels.
 The one above is a normal barn shed that someone has cut doors into.  Each door drops opening the inside to the outside.  I assume there are screens inside to keep the bugs out.  An ingenious way to do it.
 The one above is the one I like the best.  Large sliding windows with screens, yet enclosed.

As you can see Mia and Honey are constantly waiting for the old guy to catch up.  I swear we must have walked 70% of the park this past weekend.

It is a neat place and somewhat drab as you can see, when the weather isn't nice.  As I said before the park allows people to stay for 270 days as long as you leave 1 day every 30 days.  So we have some folks who have chosen to live in the park.  Considering the dues and propane are the only overhead, it can be a very economical way to live.  We have had some older folks who have lost their life partner and been stranded in the park because they can't drive and their kids don't care to visit.  Others try to help but isn't the same when you stuck with no transportation and this isn't exactly downtown Seattle.

There are several lots with park model trailers for sale.  And I suspect some of them are very nice and Mia and I could easily adjust to living in one and having the travel trailer to hit the road those three or four months we would need to be out of the park.  But the question arises regarding what to do when one or both of us can no longer drive or go on trips.  Then there is the question of medical.  The closest hospital is Monroe and they aren't exactly getting the cream of the crop in a relatively rural area.  I think I could handle it but it is a long ways for the kids to come to help us if something should happen.  We are just thinking.  But take a look at these.

 A 2000 Casa Villa 40' with two tip outs, a shed, gazebo for $18,500.

A 1995 Snowbird 33' with two slide outs, furniture and a shed for $14,500
Or this nice 1996 Prowler 39' with two tip outs, sheds, gazebo, and furniture for $30,000

There are more but you get the idea.  An look at those pictures.  The sun is out in all but one of them and doesn't it look pleasant?  Then consider the two swimming pools, Family center and activities.

The winter time would likely be the pits but look what you have to look forward to in the summer.

Like I said yesterday, it is all talk.

Enjoy yourselves and thanks for dropping by.

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