Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Golf Cart Out, Gazebo In

As I said yesterday I went out looking at golf carts yesterday.  The object was to find something inexpensive that Zach and I could fix up and us in the park at Gold Bar.  With 1200 sites in 273 acres our private little campground can be a daunting task to commute thus the thought, as many of our neighbors have done, a golf cart to move around the park.  Well I looked at used golf carts at a couple of different dealers yesterday and you can spend a lot of money on something that runs.  Sure, you could buy one of the $300. heaps out back covered with mildew, in need of new batteries and charger, upholstery, a roof, seats and tires or you could sink your fortune into something a little more practical.  At $1495.00 it runs, with 2010 Trojan batteries and comes with a charger.  The tires are iffy.
Okay, okay it does look okay
Then you see the inside
Don't forget to step to the rear

Yes paint spilled on it

My problem with this is the cost. If you could get something like this for six or seven hundred and drop another five hundred into it to fix it up I might be willing to go along but then you start researching the cost of motors and parts for these. And don't forget those batteries. We RV's know about batteries and golf carts use the same deep cycle batteries that we use and they ain't cheap.

My lovely wife would rather have a Gazebo on the site at the back of our trailer for those days when the sun is really hot, the bugs are really nasty and you want your food without extra protein.  We are allowed to build a 120 square foot Gazebo that can be 12' high and have solid walls halfway up the structure and screen mesh for the remainder of the wall.  Of course you are allowed to install solid panels during the winter but it is not supposed to be used as a storage shed or sleeping area.
I am thinking something like this.  And I am sure I would enjoy this more than a golf cart.


  1. I realize those are forsbobet doggies but I would be hard pressed not to eat one ;)

  2. golf cart is a good lsv as a neighbourhood vehicle