Saturday, April 14, 2012

Where The Heck Is Common Courtesy?

On my way home this afternoon, I decided to take a little scenic tour down to Redondo Beach Drive.  To get there I must exit the freeway and drive on a city street that winds down the hill to the beach.  Before I can wind down the hill there is a stop light that is generally red with several cars waiting.  About five hundred feet back from the intersection is a driveway that goes in and out of a strip mall.  When there are enough cars stopped at the stop light and my crossing the driveway would cause it to  be blocked, I tend to wait on the other side of the driveway as a courtesy to those who are exiting the driveway on to the street.
Apparently a lady in an Acura thought she was better than everyone else and she went around me on the right side and pulled in where I would have been had I chose to block the driveway.  Where the heck is common courtesy?


  1. there is none..that's the problem..god forbid someone should be one car behind where they think they should be!

  2. Been there and done that. I've seen it all over. She'll "get hers" one of these days...

    Here's one for ya. Here in Austria they've introduced something called the "Life Saving Lane" (something like that, it's "Rettungsstrasse" in German)
    It's only on certain roads, most of which are the built up highways (Autobahn). Well, the Austrians got with the program, which was that, if the traffic is starting to slow and it looks like there's going to be a tie-up, everyone has to make a centre lane for the emergency services to use. (they had been using the shoulders, but it turned out to be too dangerous).
    Well, the Hungarians and Slovakians thought they could then just scoot down the middle! Until they got stopped and got fined of course. The message is slowly getting out there to everyone on the highways that "them's the rules" and you'll get nailed. But for the first couple months it was a free for all.

  3. One thing's for sure - there's never any lack of 'stupidity'!

  4. It's a me first world it seems and we're just living in it. I have to stand in a line with about a 1,000 other people when getting off the train but there are always people who walk around everybody else to get to the front of the line.

    I'm getting to the point where nothing seems to shock me anymore.