Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Central Washington University And A Day With Zach

We pulled out of Covington just off Highway 18 a little before 10:00 o'clock AM to head east to Ellensburg.  We had not a care in the world as the sun was shining and we were listening to old radio classics on the XM radio.
The first half of our journey went smoothly until there was a need for a rest stop.  I usually stop at the top of Snoqualmie Pass to make sure I can get to the next rest stop.  There were mounds of snow still left alongside the roadway.  In fact you couldn't see most of the businesses from the street as the snow was stacked high in front of them.  Each had a driveway leading in and the parking lots were plowed but they were surrounded by huge fences made out of snow.  Zach put himself high on one of the mounds and had some issues getting down, but get down he did and we moved on.

It can be a beautiful site with the hills covered in snow.

We started down the pass and found out that the state of Washington was getting an early start on their road construction projects.  A slow moving, two mile, down to one lane caravan as we approached to bottom of the pass.  One lane was closed and it was a real bottleneck.  The rest of the trip to Ellensburg was uneventful.  We got off the freeway and went to locate the Welcome Center.  After finding that we decided to visit a cafe my son suggested, The Yellow Chapel Cafe.  If you're in the area you have to try this place.  We both had Angus burgers with cheese on something called Heavenly Bread and let me tell you that it was heavenly.  A cheesy, pull apart bread that was to die for.
Then across the street was a 70's Beetle in pretty good shape.  Looks to be a Super Beetle, one probably a 1971 vintage because it has a flat windshield and not the curved variety found on the later models.  The front fenders give it away.
Down the street from the Cafe was Dick and Jane's Spot.  This is a residence that has gone hog wild over art design using everything from bottle caps, reflectors to bottles and anything else they could glue, staple, or nail to something.

Just a few of the quirky items to be found and my favorite:

Standing dead center in the front yard is this young lady who appears to have some 1953 Volkswagen Beetle tail lights for (you'll understand if I don't continue, as this is a family blog).
I nearly forgot the reason we drove over here...the college.  We had a very nice tour by a very well educated young man who knew way too much about the University, the buildings, housing, food, meal plans and anything else you wanted to know.  There are 9600 students in the school but you sure couldn't tell it by walking around the campus.  A couple of classes only had 20 or 30 students in them.  He said this was the norm.  I was certainly surprised that it had the big college feel and yet it felt somewhat small and intimate.

These are a few of the many pictures of the campus that I took during to tour.

Then it was time to head home.  Oh did I forget to tell you that the car wouldn't start after we parked waiting for the tour to begin.  That is a story for a different day, tomorrow.  You'll enjoy the next episode.

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  1. It sounds like a fine day, except for the part about the car not starting...