Saturday, April 7, 2012


This past week has been tough.

First, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche passes away at age 76.  Not an engineer like his father and grandfather before him but one fantastic designer who designed and developed the Porsche 911.  Since the introduction in 1963 the 911 has proven to be the most successful design that Porsche ever introduced and was my very first love of European fast moving two seaters.  Though I never owned one I did have an opportunity to work in a dealership in the late 60's that sold Porsche.  The owner of the dealership, Mr. Jim Cleland and his general manager Barry Arnett both drove new 911 models that I got the opportunity to drive because it was my job to keep them clean.  There were some fun times.

Then we lost Thomas Kinkade a well known American painter whose ability to bring light to just about any landscape was uncanny.  He once said that his art was for the masses.  He wasn't without detractors but I still enjoy a lot of his works and Mia and I had an opportunity to visit his museum in Watertown, SD during a visit to relatives in the area.  I was fond of many of the scenes of American life that he depicted, much as I was with Norman Rockwell during my younger years.  There seems to be a very spiritual sense to many of his scenes.

Looking forward to Easter and the sun was out today.

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