Monday, April 23, 2012

A Fun Weekend

Since I had to work Saturday, Zach and Mia waited until closing time to come and pick me up.  We set out for Gold Bar at about 4:10 pm and the weather was beautiful.  We arrived at the park with plenty of light and Mia went off to fix dinner and Zach and I started to put things back together and get the trailer ready.  Turned on the gas, attached to water hose, turned off the hot water heater bypass and got ready to bleed the antifreeze out of the water system.  I turned on the water and the initial pressure blew my water filter completely apart.  Since we use and outside filter it was no big deal.  Just disconnected it and went on with the preparations.  We filled and drained the fresh water tank, but we didn't take any bleach with us thinking we had some up there.  So I guess we'll need to take some this next weekend.  Pulled open the awning and got my customary shower.  That tube sure holds a lot of water.

Dinner was ready so we sat down and ate.  Zach wanted to go see if any of his friends were in the park so  we let him off the hook for the night.  We cleaned up a little and proceeded to watch an old mystery movie.  We purchased a CD boxed set this past winter and it has around 50 old (30's and 40's) mystery movies.  We watched Bulldog Drummond Comes Back, with John Barrymore from 1937.  It was fun because you knew who the bad guy was the whole time and the jokes and comments had you laughing while watching the mystery plot unfold.  I love old movies like this and we have around 49 more to watch.

Zach enjoys the peace, though still connected
We slept well our first night back (10 hours for me).  That is unheard of when it comes to me.  We had a hearty breakfast and proceeded to take Honey for her first long distance walk in the park.  She had a ball. We tied her outside while we worked cleaning the lot.  Zach cut back all of the ferns and we help him clean them up.  I messed around with the trailer, burned some clumps of grass in the gravel and discovered that we have lake front property behind our shed.  Seems that there is a beaver family on the creek that runs alongside the park and the greenbelt between us and the lots behind us has turned into a small lake.  We let the park manager know about it and he came down and took a look.  I suspect they will be filling it in sometime in the future and building a berm to keep the water out of the park.

Zach helps Honey
Once we finished our chores, we made a list of things we need, ate lunch and generally sat around enjoying the early part of Sunday, knowing we would soon have to go home.  We left in mid afternoon and Mia dropped me off at work so I could pickup the car.  I drove Zach home and came home exhausted.  Neither Mia or I did much Sunday evening.

This morning I went to Camping World to collect some needed supplies, Auburn to look at golf carts (story for a different day), grocery shopping, Harbor Tools for some needed items, home to wash the truck, oil those chairs that I have been waiting for warm weather to get done and then I fixed spaghetti dinner so Mia could relax tonight.  All in all, a wonderful weekend.  Back to work tomorrow.

Monday's Dinner

My chairs are done

Be safe out there.

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