Thursday, April 3, 2014

Whole Bunch Of Stuff Going On

With a mere 12 days (8 working days) remaining we are in a mad dash to get some stuff done.  I picked up the trailer on Monday and brought it to the condo so I could make the necessary modifications to the lighting and pack all the stuff we took out last year.  It was so nice to be going in and out of the trailer and realizing that we are finally on the last lap.  I pulled the trailer up to Gold Bar on Tuesday and parked it on our lot and went looking for gravel in the local sand and gravel mines.  There are several and the pricing ranges from $300 to $575 for 7/8 or 3/4 washed aggregate.  I am trying to work out getting a load Monday of next week.  I will have to move the trailer to a friends lot during the spreading  and then bring it back and actually set it up.  There are several things to do to de-winterize my little jewel but I am hoping to get it all done, so Mia and I can have our two week decompression time at the trailer.

We have decided to remove the couch from our trailer. I like having a couch, I just don't like the position and  the fact that the manufacturer put a wall behind it between the couch and the bedroom.  So I have contacted Northwood Manufacturing and confirmed my investigative suspicions.
This is not our trailer but it is the exact same configuration.   Behind the couch is the wall you see, but what you don't see is another section of that wall running at the height of the back across the couch.  I have discovered that the lower section is separate from the long section.  There is wood grain tape over the seam.  The piece is screwed to the floor with pocket screws and one screw holds it to the outer armrest of the couch.  We plan to remove the couch and the wall and install two chairs and an foot stool from Ikea.
We'll have two of these very comfortable chairs and one footstool to share.  We think it is a better idea than the couch for us.  We have plans for the couch as well.

We are planning to add a 10' X 10' building to the lot in Gold Bar.  This is where the couch comes in.  It will be in what we will be calling our Gazebo.
Of course we'll need to add some bigger windows and different paint but this is what we will have just 2' shorter.
I left her there, all alone and lonely, but not for long and I can hardly wait.

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  1. you are so lucky you are so close to retirement!!! enjoy the last 12 days!!