Sunday, April 27, 2014

Decompression 4

At the first week anniversary of our retirement I woke up feeling pretty tired.  I had a restless night as it got fairly cold overnight and rained pretty heavily.  I made breakfast burritos and took a walk around the park with the girls and really accomplished nothing else for the whole day.  The rains keep falling and making it virtually impossible to be outdoors.  We made it up to the office and after some discussion we have our permit and some options on how to best proceed with the gazebo.

The rain is echoing thru the trailer as Mia and Honey are still wrapped in their blankets.  It is Tuesday morning around 8 am and if you take into consideration the weather conditions nothing much is going to happen, even if they do get up.

I feel somewhat lost with nowhere to go.  i have been used to getting up and going to work early in the morning for so many years that it doesn't feel right to sleep so late in the mornings and yet, I have managed to change my sleeping habits.  My mind still thinks about work and at times I even find myself planning projects for work or worrying about things getting done that effect the overall cash flow position of the company.  I know that I have no vested interests in the company any longer, but I sell find myself worrying about the health of the business that too such good care of me during my last years of employment.  I suppose I should move on but what I have done over the years appears to be engrained in my being and it is going to take some tim to make it change or go away.

Apparently there are those who sit down on a public cam ode and can't resist the opportunity to tag or draw on the blank space that is there to protect their modesty.  Some may think this is okay but I don't.  I will never understand the need to deface public property.  The man hours spent cleaning and covering up unwanted tags or drawing could be utilized for many other purposes.  Here in the park this has apparently become huge issue that is causing what the park is describing as vandalism and they are offering a $250.00 reward for arrest and conviction.  I totally agree with the parks position.

I have mentioned the wireless internet here in the park.  It is without a doubt one of the weakest wireless connections I have ever experienced.  It reminds me of the days not so long ago, that we inserted a cord to connect us to the phone lines and waited and waited some more for a connection.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  Most times your device can't find it.  The signal is that weak.  I may have forgotten the electrical connection to my Apple but it probably wouldn't have done me a bit of good with the system they have installed here.  Living off the grid is made easy by the lack of wireless.

The weather predictions are not good.  It appears that we will have rain, lots of rain, between now and Sunday.  We are planning to return home on Saturday to get some retirement stuff done and get ready for our trip to Leavenworth.

It was Thursday morning and the predictions came true.  We were experiencing buckets of water falling from the northwest skies.  It had rained heavily all night causing high humidity inside the trailer.  I have a portable humidity machine and it was running of and on during the night.  I suspected that cabin fever would be the biggest challenge as it continued to rain.  It is hard to get decent weather information with limited TV channels, weak and unreliable internet, and phone service that is spotty.  Add to that the fact that you left your weather radio at home and have very little idea what to expect.  Lesson learned, bring the radio.

Thursday afternoon comes and we have discussed the possibilities of leaving and heading home since the rain continues to come down.  I am not convinced yet.  This weekend is the Evergreen State Fair Spring Show and they are having a swap meet for me and a quilt show for Mia.  It is y hope that we can survive one more day in this tiny confined space without killing each other.  Cabin fever is the worst when you are forced to stay in a confined space.  I finish the book that I had borrowed from the library on my Kindle.

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