Friday, March 28, 2014

18 Days To Go And I Know How Some Of Our Customers Must Feel.

As I stated before I took the trailer to my RV dealer, Sumner RV for some needed maintenance on the wheel bearing and tires this past Monday.  This dealer sold 18 or 19 units at the Tacoma Spring RV Fair so I expected them to be very busy with deliveries this week and I didn't expect much in the way of repair work would be getting down in their shop.  I just received a call from their service manager who informed me the trailer would be done this afternoon.  Unfortunately I am not able to pick it up until Monday.  The call was pleasant and he told the bearings were all done, brakes were at 75% and there were no further parts beyond what we discussed.  He was about to send the wheels out to get the
new tires and wanted to check with me on the brand that I wanted.

Of course, when I saw the number pop up on my phone I came to attention and answered with a little
bit of anticipation for the big whammy.  More parts, labor or something to make the bill bigger than we
discussed but I got nothing….Ken is a happy camper.

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