Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Two Week Anniversary

As of yesterday I have been retired two weeks.  It doesn't feel like two weeks and to be perfectly honest, I don't feel like I am retired yet.  We have had a lot to do over the past few days since returning home from the trailer and I sat Monday wondering how we accomplished all of it while we were working.

Yesterday began with the customary morning walk with Honey but it was once around the block and that was it.  Mia took her on the long walk.  Mia had mentioned a loose toilet seat so I fixed it while they were gone and went down to restart the detailing process on the truck.  I worked most of the morning on cleaning and washing the exterior of the truck which began looking like this.

I washed it and cleaned everything, or at least that is what I thought.  The final result after waxing was very nice.
Except for the minor flaw I found on the right rear quarter panel.  It appears someone swiped it as they left a parking area and scratched it down to the primer.
I try very hard to keep my stuff nice and I understand it is a utility vehicle but this person knew they did this and never stopped to say anything.  Obviously just drove off.

Mia left to get a haircut and mention something about the toilet I fixed not flushing as she ran out the door.  I went up and looked at it and found the chain had come off the handle rod.  So tightening the seat early caused this?  Now I understand what technicians feel when they fix brakes and the customer comes back complaining of poor running and feels we should pay to repair the engine because we just did the brakes.

Got a haircut and spent some time in local parts houses looking for a Jerry Can and Mount for the back of my trailer but could find nothing.  I bought this cool little inverter generator for the trailer a couple of weeks ago at Costco and I want to carry extra fuel, just not in the truck.  So the search will be up to Google.
There are countless projects to do around the condo and since the weather is supposed to be really nice I'll be choosing a couple and trying to accomplish them.  Then we pack it all up and head back up to the trailer for our trip to Leavenworth.  I suspect we will leave tomorrow morning for Gold Bar, spend the night and leave Friday morning.  I am looking forward to it.  We have a couple of hikes already planned.

Hope everyone is well and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. man's work is never done..even when you are retired!!
    enjoy your day, looks lovely from my vantage point!