Sunday, April 27, 2014

Decompression Trip Part 2

Things could not get more mundane as we continued to spread gravel for the second day.  I had turned my phone off upon arrival and I left it that way until we headed for home.  It was cold and overcast with wind blowing pretty hard high up in the trees.  We still had stuff to put away and I decided we could do the final leveling and disconnect the trailer from the truck.  I had a nice cup of coffee while Mia relaxed and we fixed breakfast before deciding what to do.

Since I left a very important part of the Apple at home, I was unable to use the computer to take notes about the trip and found myself using my notebook application in the Kindle.  It worked pretty good, but I type much faster on the computer.

At 3:00 o'clock on day two work came to a screaming halt.  A little thing really, but the skies decided to open up and dump massive amounts of water on us and the surrounding landscape.  Being drenched was not our idea of fun so we headed inside to see if we could find a local TV station.  We don't have
satellite so we depend on old analog broadcasts for our TV.  We get some odd channels but we found a movie, "Proposal" with Sandra Bullock and we sat down and watched it followed by a nice pork roast dinner from the crock pot.  We worked on inside storage issues and dream of the day we will have a gazebo we can sit in when it is raining.

We went for a long walk and nothing much was happening in the park.  We pretty much finished with the gravel before the rains hit.  The lot looks good and will require a few more final passes to get it all even, but I am very happy already with this rock verses what is under it.  We don't have the tiny, sharp rocks on the floor of the trailer that hurt when you step on them barefoot in the middle of the night.

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  1. the lot looks great!! the two of you did a lovely job!!