Saturday, April 26, 2014

Home From Decompression

We just arrived home after spending 8 days at the trailer in Gold Bar.  Since Ken forgot the electrical cord for the Apple and the wireless internet within the park can be described as nothing but weak, I was unable to update the blog during our trip.  I will attempt to remedy that situation over the next couple of days before we leave on our next trip to Leavenworth, WA.

First of all we pulled into our lot around midday on Good Friday.  As you can see in the picture below there was a lot of gravel across the lot.  We normally park the trailer next to the green belt right about where the table is site but since the gravel was there we were pretty much forced to go to work before I really wanted too.  So we started at the table and pulled the majority of the gravel over to the shed side of the lot and leveled a parking spot for the trailer.  Then I went to our friends lot and retrieved our trailer.  We left it connected to the truck for the evening because we weren't sure if we would have to move it again.  We spent the rest of the day taking Honey for walks, enjoying the peace and quiet, moving some gravel, trimming ferns and reading our Kindles.  It was a peaceful day.

In the late afternoon both our backs were done for the day so we sat outside under the awning reading.  It started to get cold so we went indoors and I got out one of our "old time" movies.  This one was directed by Burgess Meredith and called, "Man On The Eiffel Tower"  We really enjoy these old movies as you will see in future blogs.  Let me just say that Burgess used a lot of chase scenes of various types.
We called it an evening when the movie was over and spent some time reading before turning out the lights and sleep.  Sleep did not come easily.

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