Sunday, April 27, 2014

Decompression Part 3

Day three arrived in the form of Easter Sunday.  We decided to take advantage of the parks weekend
breakfast, all you can eat pancakes for $4.50.  Two pancakes (big ones) and scrambled eggs with three strips of bacon.  You can't get that deal anywhere.

We took Honey for her morning walk and made sure she was worn out before leaving her alone at the trailer while we drove into Monroe to do some shopping.  No matter how much you plan it you always seem to leave behind something that is critical to the success of your trip.  A trip to the Dollar Store and Fred Meyer eliminated all that worry.

We returned to the trailer and spent some time deciding where to put our new gazebo.  We leveled the area and went down to the office to get the building permit.  All buildings within the complex must be temporary and there are various rules so the park manager must see and approve plans and the final project upon completion.  Over the years some people have fudged a bit with the rules but the park is coming back into compliance by making anyone selling their property make the changes that are required by the County Conditional Use Permit.

Day four arrives with a morning breakfast decision to take a hike up to Wallace Falls.  We stuffed our backpacks and took off for a nice morning climb.  There are two trails up to the falls.  One is longer and built on a railroad bed that is an easy walk although it does climb.  The other is called the Woody Trail and while it is much shorter it is not road bed, it is a trail, complete with boulders, rocks, stumps and roots sticking out all over the place.  It follows the Wallace River up to the lower falls.  Here are some pictures of this hike.  It was a perfect hiking day with weather in the upper 40"s.
Moss and Monkey Tails

They walk at their pace and I walk at mine

Wallace River thru the trees

One of a couple of bridge crossings

Something has caught Honeys eye

She loves the woods

Part of the middle falls

Upper falls from rest point
We arrived back at the trailer around mid day and spent the remainer of the afternoon working around the lot and doing little odd jobs.  We had dinner and I showered and shaved for a road trip to Edmonds to find an Ice Skating Rink.  I had promised two of my coworkers that I would come and watch them as the took part in a Hockey clinic.  Tyson ( a very good hockey player when he was younger) talked Gary (on who had never played hockey) into taking the clinic with him.  Once a week on Monday night they had been going to the rink to listen and practice on the ice.  I took my camera and took some pictures of what I thought were some pretty good moves for three weeks of practice.  Gary is in red and Tyson is in white.

After driving back to Gold Bar I hit the sack with my Kindle and was soon fast asleep to the sound of rain on the roof.

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