Sunday, June 2, 2013

Technology and Me

Mia and I purchased a room air conditioning unit several years ago to keep our bedroom cool during the hot summer days.  We have a large window that faces directly West and it tends to get a little stuffy and warm when the temperature starts to exceed eighty degrees.  It is a nice unit with a remote control and has worked well for us.  It does require some maintenance and here in lies the story.

Last year as always, I drain the unit in the bathtub and wrap it up for the winter to keep it clean and dust free.  This year we pulled it out when the temperature and humidity got a little out of control a couple of weeks ago.  I turned it on and it ran fine.  Cooled the room as expected and I was once again a happy camper.  Then one Sunday night disaster struck.

I am sitting up in bed reading a book as I prepare for dreamland when I suddenly hear a gurgling sound and what sounds like water running from the direction of the cooler.  I got up and investigated and found water shooting out the back so I shut it of determined to fix it at a later date.  

Today was that day and let me tell that I really feel like and idiot.  First of all the lower drain petcock was open...caused by the sudden expulsion of water.  I put it in the bathtub and lowered it but I got no water.  Of course not.  The water shot out the back and into the carpet before I shut it off.   While I had it laying on its side, I decided to read the instructions plainly located on the label on the back.  After reading them I discovered the problem.  I left the drain knob in the open position allowing the unit to drain anytime it wanted and when the pressure built up to a certain point the drain plug popped and the water drained...into the carpet.

Either technology is getting ahead of me or I am getting old.  I think I need to read the instructions more often.

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